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Sage is a popular herb used for cleansing and purifying spaces. The practice of smudging, also known as “sage smudging,” involves burning dried sage leaves and allowing the smoke to fill the space. It is believed to remove negative energy, purify the atmosphere, and promote peace and harmony.

Here are the steps to purify your house:

Gather your materials: You will need dried sage leaves, a fire-safe bowl, and a lighter or matches.

Light the sage: Light and let it burn for a few seconds until it begins to smoulder. You can blow out the flame or simply let it go out on its own.

Begin smudging: Hold the smouldering sage in your hand and use it to smudge each room, starting from the front door and working your way through the entire house. As you move from room to room, allow the smoke to fill the space and reach into corners and crevices.

Set your intention: As you smudge, set your intention for the space. This could be to remove negative energy, bring peace and harmony, or simply to purify the atmosphere.

Complete the process: When you have finished smudging the entire house, put out the sage and dispose of the ashes. You can also leave the sage to smoulder in a fire-safe bowl, if desired.

Smudging is a simple and effective way to cleanse and purify your home. You can also use this practice to clear negative energy from objects, such as crystals or jewellery, by holding them in the smoke. Whether you are looking to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in your home or to simply purify the space, smudging can be a powerful tool.