You will need Selenite crystals when there are a lot of things going on in your head and it’s starting to affect your sense of peace and quiet. It’s a good stone to have to help you quiet your mind and give you mental clarity.

Selenite brings clarity of the mind and concentration, opening the crown and higher crown chakra and accessing angelic consciousness and high guidance. Selenite is a calm stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work.

Selenite aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility. It guards against epileptic seizures. 

Selenite can be used to form a protective grid around a house, creating a safe and quiet space that does not allow outside influences in use internally in the corners a peaceful atmosphere.

Healing: Peace, Positivity, Luck, Protection, Intuition.

Home and Space: Placing Selenite crystal in each corner of the home is a wonderful way to utilize its protective qualities. When used in this way, this cleansing crystal will clear the space of negative energy while attracting light and positivity into the atmosphere.

Chakras: Crown Chakra